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The Promoting Of

Posted By on December 4, 2011

I haven’t been to a Trade Show in a , so I was some time now, so I’m real excited to have accepted an invitation to attend one with a gal that I used to work with who knows some one that is setting up a booth with numerous displays for his new small business. Anyone who is brave enough to start their own business during these years of economic unrest gets my support. This friend is going to need some help carting all of his stuff in there, like his brand new customized logo canopy for starters and with the set up of all the equipment that he purchased online and just now had delivered and is anxious to put to good use.

He has just received the logo mats, and the special made trade show carpet right in the nick of time for this particular Trade Show that he has been wanting to participate it for quite some time. This is a big deal for him. So we will help him with all of that as well as the work that will be involved with the tear down, the packing along with the loading part that I’m sure my back will be screaming at me about the next day.

I hope that he has a good amount of promotional give-a-ways to hand out. I think I’ll take a look-see online and see what new and cool promotional products they have out now a days. They really have some nifty promotional items that you can have personalized.

Sibling Rivalry

Posted By on December 1, 2011

One of the things that always bothered me growing up was that my parents obviously favored some of their children over others.  This created an intense sibling rivalry that has survived even into adulthood.  There was no logical explanation for the favoritism.  Maybe they thought that they should teach the children early on that life isn’t fair.  Maybe they thrived on conflict.  But now the parents expect the children, as grown adults, to gather together for big holidays and act like one big happy family, and they get really upset if it doesn’t work out like a picture perfect Norman Rockwell scene of family love.  I sure hope that when I have children that I can show all of them that I love them all and not play favorites.  Life out in the real world is cruel enough; cruelty does not have to happen in the family home as well.

A too-full closet is no good

Posted By on November 27, 2011

Guest post written by Edina Fox

I always said that you could never have too many clothes. But I guess that I’ve gotten to that point where I have so many clothes that I’ve even forgotten some of the things that I have. And then I also have a whole lot of trouble figuring out where any of my clothing items are that I would like to wear. So I have to say that organizing my closet was a necessity instead of more than an exercise.

I’ve tried to organize my closet over the years, but it’s been way too long since I’ve been able to bear throwing something away. It’s just too much emotional anguish for me. So I went online to see if I could find some ideas about what exactly I could do differently this time. When I was searching for that, I ran across some cable and internet packages and after I showed them to my husband I decided to change over our home service to one of those packages.

I invested in some additional shelves and hooks to put in my closet so that once I got everything organized and threw away some stuff, I would be able to see what I have better. They really came in handy for my purses and belts.

Stray dog

Posted By on November 23, 2011

A stray dog wandered into our yard this week, and won’t go away.  We’ve tried shooing it away, but it won’t go.  It appears to be one of those cases where the owner decided to dump it here instead of taking it to the animal shelter.  I think that they do that because the animal shelter charges people money to drop off their unwanted animals.

Well, we finally took pity on the dog because of the cold weather and let it come in the house.  It’s friendly enough, and seems well mannered.  She’s not wearing a collar, so we can’t find the owner by ourselves. We’ll be calling the animal shelter first thing  in the morning Friday and let them know we have it in case the owner decides to go looking for it.

Hunting season

Posted By on November 18, 2011

I sure am tired of wearing blaze orange when I go outside! Even my dogs have to wear blaze orange vests! Hunting season is almost over, and I, for one, will be glad to see it go. The game wardens cannot possibly be everywhere at once and there are too many hunters out in the woods that are breaking the laws. Last weekend I saw a group of men that were driving deer in the woods behind my house. That kind of unsportsmanlike behavior infuriates me! Calling the game warden does no good at all, they are too far away to respond in time to catch anyone in the act.

I know that it is important to thin the deer population, to keep them from starving in the winter time, but it still makes me sad to see such beautiful animals hunted down. And there is almost always at least one accidental fatal shooting of a hunter each season, or of an innocent resident. Sometimes someone shoots a cow, or a horse by mistake. Every time I go outside I think about the poor woman who was accidentally killed several years ago because she was outside in her yard and a hunter shot her because he thought her white mittens were a deer’s tail flagging!

Hunting season can’t end soon enough as far as I’m concerned.